Vic Sabrino – Rock around the Clock

Reputed to be the very FIRST Rock ‘n’ Roll single (78rpm) recorded in Australia by an Australian Artist – Backing by Red Perksey & his Orchestra. Vic Sabrino’s real name was George Assang – an Actor who was briefly married to Rowena Wallace. They appeared together on a number of TV series including Number 96 & Barrier Reef .

George Assang (1927–1997) was a singer and actor from Thursday Island, Queensland, Australia.

Assang was of Aboriginal, Pacific Islander, and Asian descent. His original surname was Ah Sang.

Jullian Assange’s name is derived from George’s Anglicisation of Ah Sang although he has romanticised the story.

Assange was born in Townsville, Queensland and is a sixth-generation Australian. The name Assange is an anglicisation of “Ah Sang.”

Assange has described an ancestor as a “Taiwanese pirate”..”who settled on Thursday Island where he met and married a Thursday Islander woman.


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