J.S.Bach-Toccata e Fuga BWV 565-Karl Richter


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“Johann Sebastian Bach is another one of those great composers whose music can serve as a starting point for someone interested in learning about classical music. I use the term generic term “classical” here to refer to all “serious” music, because as most of you know, Bach falls into the baroque period. Confused yet? I think I can be forgiven, because The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music lists among its definition for “classical”, “music of permanent value, not ephemeral.” The technical definition is to describe music that is concerned with form and proportion rather than emotion, and usually refers to the 18th and early 19th century. The Oxford manages to get a dig in at us hoi polloi: “Amongst less educated people, music with no ‘tune’ in it.” Those whacky Brits. How can you not love a country that gave us Shakespeare and baked beans on toast?”


Gretchen Wilson – Redneck Woman (Live Performance in New York City)


Hell Yeh!

The album version for Gretchen Wilson’s 2004 hit “Redneck Woman” set to video of a live performance on the “Today” show at the Rockefeller Center in New York City.

The Rolling Stones – Far Away Eyes – OFFICIAL PROMO


How weird is this? The Rolling Stones performing a country song.

The song reached number one on the US Billboard chart and number 3 in the UK.

The track features on the 1978 album Some Girls, and was composed by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, and produced by the Glimmer Twins.

The song features Mick Jagger on lead vocals, Keith Richards on guitar, piano and background vocals, Charlie Watts on drums, Ronnie Wood on guitar and backing vocals, and Bill Wyman on bass guitar.

The video was directed by filmmaker Michael Lindsay-Hogg, who directed several promo videos for the band, including “Start Me Up”, “Jumping Jack Flash” and “Fool To Cry”. Lindsay-Hogg also directed promos for the Beatles and the Who.